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The payment method of
environmentally conscious companies and consumers

For consumers: free 

For online shops: fee linked to their ecological footprint

Who and what is PayGreen?


If an online store has PayGreen, consumers can assume that the store is or wants to become sustainable. 


PayGreen calculates the transaction fees for the online shops linked to their ecological footprint.


With the help of the free
GHG eco-balancing through PayGreen, the company can sustainably improve.

The PayGreen payment method explained in 3 steps


Reduce your companies ecological footprint

PayGreen creates a GHG life cycle assessment for your online shop or company free of charge. This way you can find out more about your emissions and your situation with current environmental laws. You will also receive a PayGreen label if you use PayGreen as a payment method in your online shop: show your customers that combating climate change is important to you.

Our climate target is 1 million 
tons of CO₂ to be reduced by 2028

For a greener future

Greenhouse gases (GHG) have no price tag!
PayGreen wants to change that and put a price on emissions with a GHG life cycle assessment based on measurable criteria. It is not you as the consumer who pays this price, but those who cause it. By choosing PayGreen as your payment system for your purchases, you motivate online shops and producers to become more ecological.

Your advantages as an online shop,
when you choose PayGreen


Payment method in the online shop

Our payment method is a plug-in extension of the shop system in the online shop. You benefit from the following services, among others:


  • Creation of VAT-compliant invoices

  • Monitoring of the receipt of payment and release of the order for shipment as soon as the invoice is paid in full

  • Sending reminders for outstanding amounts


Competitive fees with full transparency

Our fees are unique to each online store, yet they are in a competitive range with other transaction providers. Climate-neutral online shops can expect a fee of just 0.9%. The average transaction fee for most businesses is between 1.5% and 4%. The PayGreen fee is directly related to the stores overall emissions and is designed to motivate companies to improve their environmental impact over time


Free life cycle assessment

PayGreen creates the company's life cycle assessment thanks to various self-developed tools. We calculate the environmental impact based on, among other things:

  • Complete life cycle assessment of the bestselling products

  • Emissions from offices, production, and processing sites 

  • electricity and energy consumption

  • Use and Disposal of Products

Visionaries and our partners
Many companies and institutions have already set out on the path to sustainability with PayGreen. Here is a selection of our partners:


south pole
Find other online shops that offer the PayGreen payment method

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Climate change – A global issue of our century. Read what dangers PayGreen sees in climate change.

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