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Pay securely and support companies that care about our planet.

We all want to buy the products we love and know that the company behind them cares about our planet. With PayGreen you have a direct, sustainable influence on your online shops without any costs or effort. They do this by paying a standard market fee for your payment with PayGreen, which is directly linked to their ecological footprint.

Polluters pay greenhouse gas costs (GHG)

With PayGreen, companies that leave a larger GHG footprint have to pay more. While GHG-free companies pay almost no fees at all, high-emission companies have a percentage of fees. This is how we create incentives for companies to become emission-free.

Example: Companies with electricity from ecologically sustainable energy sources have to pay fewer fees than those with electricity from coal-fired power plants.

Ecological products are becoming cheaper

Ecological online shops can pass on the cost savings from the lower merchant fees from PayGreen to consumers in the form of a price reduction. Ecological products are becoming cheaper and more attractive to even more people.

Know where to shop

Shopping ecologically is very complex and we usually lack access to the necessary information. PayGreen takes over this task for you. Just follow PayGreen and shop where you can pay with PayGreen and you have done something about climate change.

If you cannot pay with PayGreen in an online shop, it may not yet be a PayGreen customer or the shop has rejected the PayGreen fee linked to its footprint. In this case, ask the online shop to join PayGreen.

Do you have any questions?

Visit our extensive FAQ for more information.


What else can you do to combat climate change...


Pay with PayGreen

Reward ecological online shops by paying with PayGreen and find an alternative online shop if PayGreen is not offered.

Tell your Friends

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Encourage your friends to join our sustainable vision and also pay with PayGreen. Together we are strongest.

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Convince your shops

Reach out to your favorite shops who are nott yet using PayGreen and let them know you would like to partner with us!

umweltbewusste Kunden

By using PayGreen you support your favorite shops so that they are rewarded for their sustainability and continue to work for it. Together we work towards a greener future.

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