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We believe in a sustainable world,
without having to forego progress.


“With PayGreen, consumers have a free opportunity to fight climate change. Our vision is to establish PayGreen across the board as well as in stores and in this way create incentives for a world without GHG emissions and other environmental pollution.”

Roman Odermatt


“I am convinced that with PayGreen we can offer sustainable Swiss online shops a greater reach.

Andrea Stoeckli

Marketing Manager



Roman Odermatt

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Christiane Voigtländer

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Sustainability Advisor


Andrea Stöckli

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Urs Henggeler

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“PayGreen partner shops take responsibility for greenhouse gases caused in the course of their business activities. Consumers who pay with PayGreen thus reward climate-conscious companies. As a sustainability consultant, I am happy to support this principle and the PayGreen Community.”

Christiane Voigtländer

Sustainability Advisor

Advisory Board


Mihai Ciureanu

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Board Members &
IT Advisor

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Prof. Dr. Christopher Hugi

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Strategic Advisor


Urs Odermatt

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President of the Board & Financial Advisor


Hamish Reid

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Sustainability Advisor 


Thierry Kneissler

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Payment Advisor


Malte Polzin

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E-Commerce Advisor

The vision of the founders and the first steps of PayGreen


Our CEO, Roman, shops in an ecological shop. He has no cash and pays by credit card. He realizes that the small eco shop has to pay very high fees to the credit card company. In this case, ecological products become even more expensive and are all the more at odds with cost truth. The idea of carbon pricing via a payment method was born.


The concept for the idea is put on paper and presented to Innosuisse (Federal Agency for Innovation Promotion) as a proof of concept. Innosuisse supports the project purely on the basis of the idea.


A first prototype is created and a first pilot online shop inspires with this idea. The company PayGreen GmbH is founded.

South Pole is convinced of the project and a letter of intent to work together is signed.

Prof. Christoph Hugi from the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and his team are supporting the project with a study on life cycle assessment. This research is funded by Innosuisse.


The company becomes a stock corporation. The number of employees grows steadily to 4 people, and other online shops follow as pilot customers.


Last year, PayGreen was able to achieve its goals and successfully establish the first technical solution on the market. PayGreen's payment method was tested extensively and proved itself under real conditions. The results achieved exceeded expectations.

On the consumer side, for example, at Muntagnard, 18% of consumers paid with PayGreen,
18% of consumers paid with PayGreen. Of the online stores, more than 10% were already convinced of PayGreen during the sales campaign in 2022. Furthermore, additional stakeholders, such as
Google, could be convinced of the solution.
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