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Grüne Blätter

Using PayGreen is easy for both end users and online stores. We explain how to do this in just a few steps in our onboarding process.

Step 1

Online Meeting

In a meeting, we discuss all the information about your company that we need for our analysis. All information will be treated strictly confidential.

Step 2

Partner profile

After the interview, we will send you our partner agreement with the provisional PayGreen fee. This will be adjusted later based on the life cycle assessment.

Step 3

Payment method

We are almost ready. In the third step, we will set up the desired payment method in your online store with just a few clicks.

Step 4

Life cycle assessment

After you provide us with the necessary information about your company, we perform the carbon footprinting.

Step 5

Discussion results

In a joint discussion, we explain our analysis, suggest areas for improvement, and determine your PayGreen fee.

Once a year


After one year we repeat the process, discuss improvements and new potentials and adjust the fee. You will also receive the PayGreen label as a member, visionary or pioneer.

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