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Together we bring your company towards climate neutrality.

If you offer PayGreen as a payment method in your online shop, you take an important step towards achieving your climate goals. PayGreen creates a free GHG life cycle assessment for your company, so you can learn more about your emissions and your situation with current environmental laws. 

Free GHG Life Cycle Assessment
The first standardized, complete greenhouse gas life cycle assessment free of charge for your company. Ideal for companies that cannot or do not want to invest in conventional consulting services right from the start.
Become climate neutral with us
Our transparent analysis includes recommendations on how to improve your environmental impact. You can also begin to demonstrate your sustainability efforts in a reliable and consistent manner.
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PayGreen – the transparent green badge
Reliable, transparent and verified labels for companies can be expensive. The use of PayGreen shows your (new) consumers, without additional costs, your commitment to sustainability and your willingness to improve in the long term. Become a partner, visionary or pioneer: The green, scientifically based environmental labels from PayGreen.
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Win consumers
In order to make it easier for environmentally conscious consumers to find green online shops and to attract new consumers to you, we maintain a database of our PayGreen partners. Become a part of our green community of online shops.
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Low fees
Our fees are competitive compared to other payment methods and are as low as 0.9% for the most sustainable businesses!

More advantages and opportunities through PayGreen

Brand image

They can improve their brand image and thereby gain a competitive advantage.


To comply with existing or future regulations and to mitigate the risk of sanctions, penalties and fines (e.g. carbon tax or Green Deal in the EU).

To arouse interest

Forward-thinking and a commitment to long-term sustainability attract talent and investors.

Reduction of Risks

Assess the risk of climate change impacts on your supply chain (e.g. uncertainty and lower crop yields lead to higher cotton prices worldwide).

Do you have any questions? Visit our extensive
FAQ for more information.

Process flow in 4 steps


Kick off online meeting

In a conversation we discuss all the information about your company that is needed for our analysis. The data are strictly confidential.


Life cycle assessment

After you have provided us with the required information about your company, we carry out the GHG life cycle assessment.


Discussion of results


Payment method


In a joint discussion, we will explain our analysis to you, suggest potential for improvement and determine your PayGreen fee.

In a last step, we install the payment method according to your needs with just a few clicks in your online shop.

After a year we repeat the process, discuss improvements and new potential and adjust the fee. They also receive the PayGreen label.

Your time investment

◉ 3 hours

◉ 0 hours

◉ 1 hours

◉ 2 hours

Thanks to the PayGreen labels in your online shop, you show your consumers that you strive to improve your environmental impact as much as possible in the positive direction over time. 


Climate Members

PayGreen Climate Members set targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. You have already analyzed your own emissions with the help of PayGreen.


Climate Visionaires

The PayGreen Climate Visionaire label distinguishes companies that cause significantly less CO2 than the industry average.


Climate Pioneers

The PayGreen Climate Pioneer Label distinguishes companies that are (almost) climate neutral. These companies perform exceptionally and are considered climate protection pioneers in their industry.


Pay with Paygreen

Find all online shops that already offer the PayGreen payment method

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