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Climate target 1.5°C

Increasingly, one can now read that the climate target of 1.5° Celsius is no longer achievable anyway.

We do not think so: A concrete target is necessary and if it is not reached, any action that reduces CO₂ emissions or prevents them from occurring in the first place makes sense! Every tenth of a degree helps us avert further consequences of climate change as well as reaching tipping points, i.e. critical limits of the climate system. The all-or-nothing principle is simply not helpful.

In addition, we are seeing a great many positive developments that are encouraging. These include the increasing willingness to invest in sustainable issues and the use of renewable energies, which are also becoming steadily more attractive from a financial perspective. What gives us particular pleasure are, of course, manufacturers and retailers who are meticulously looking for the most sustainable opportunities for their own business model. That's why we continue to join in the 1.5° goal!

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