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We dared: our ecological payment method is live!

I wear with great pride a T-shirt from Muntagnard, paid with PayGreen (completely free, easy and good for the environment). Even with a broad smile, although it is Sunday and I may work.

Frankly, it took some courage for us, because of course, as in any project, there are some open construction sites and we still have big plans. We discussed a lot and often when the best time would be and also hesitated for a while. I would be interested to know how other start-ups and entrepreneurs have determined the timing of their product launch...

We are now all the more pleased about the milestone and about our first customers paying with PayGreen. So far, it's a complete success and I can sleep soundly.

Special thanks to Muntagnard and our whole team (Andrea Stöckli Steiner, Beat Koch, Christiane C. K. Voigtländer, Mihai Ciureanu, Hamish Reid).

In the next few weeks, the next stores are already coming! I would be happy if you follow PayGreen. Then you'll find out which stores reduce their CO₂ footprint and you can shop with a clear conscience.

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